There are many advantages to having a maid, here are five of them.

5 Hidden Benefits to a Maid Service

5 Hidden benefits to a maid service

  1. The obvious benefit of a maid service is having a clean home without doing the work yourself, but there are 5 hidden benefits to having a maid service you may not have thought of!
  2. Pre-cleaning gets you into a routine.Getting your home cleaned and keeping your home in order are two different things. When I know my house cleaner is coming on Thursday morning, this motivates me to put the house back in order to prepare for their visit. I clear the stack of mail, I put my sheets out on the bed for her to change, and I change the litter box. Like a well-oiled machine! If she wasn’t coming one week, I find that I will “just do it later.”
  3. Having all rooms cleaned at once

    1. How often are we able to manage cleaning our entire home in one swoop? We clean a few rooms or do a few tasks at a time. With maid service, we know that every room is clean and tidy and that the job is complete.
  4. Less mind clutter

    1. Mopping the Floor.We love crossing things off our to-do list and clean the house is not simply ONE checklist item! It’s taking out the trash, change the sheets, clean the bathrooms, mop the floor…and so on. Get peace of mind with a house cleaning service and check 10 things off your list at once. My maid comes every week on Thursdays without a single thought from me. Check! House cleaning is done.
  5. Your Home: A Hub for Celebration

    1. Remember back to when you walked into your home for the first time, you imagined family gatherings and friends filling the space. With maid service, family gatherings can require less planning and be more joyful, helping you live in the moment. Invite people over on a whim, you can be proud of your home again.
  6. Free time and quality of life

    1. On average we spend 2-3 hours cleaning our homes each week, that’s over one year of cleaning in a lifetime! If you could add one more year to your life to spend however you wanted, just imagine how different that year would be. Having a house cleaning service means more than just a clean home, it’s a better quality of life.
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  • Taylor Hansen
    Posted on May 27, 2020 at 3:06 pm

    I never knew that it takes 2-3 hours to clean a house each week. My wife and I are thinking about getting a cleaning service for our house since we both work a lot of hours for our jobs. I’ll have to find one that we can trust since we won’t be there when they are cleaning.

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