Striving for Quality of Life.

Reaching for Quality in Your Life

Live your life, don’t just exist.

  1. What does the quality of life mean to you?
  2. I grew up in a low-income family, much like the many cleaning professionals I work with. Now I’m a working professional, much like the clients I serve. To me, quality of life means the financial freedom to afford the modest lifestyle I envision for myself and my family. It also means the freedom of time to spend with the people I care about the most. I recall working a retail job, 60 hours a week, during the holiday seasons after college. And I realized this was not the quality of life I wanted.
  3. That’s why Dash of Clean is so important to me. It’s not just business, but rather bringing people together who share the same values. My clients value a cleaning service that allows them to spend quality time with their families. The cleaners I work with value the opportunity to determine their own schedule, to pick up and drop off their kids at school. They also earn a much better living working with Dash than working for other cleaning companies.
  4. I’m always striving to improve my quality of life, and I hope Dash of Clean can help do that for you too.

   Why Join Team Dash.

Clean ApartmentWhy not come and join us and find out first hand what working with a company that puts people first? Fill in our application form in and start your journey to a fulfilling lifestyle and career with a progressive organization with everyone’s interest at heart.

With a sound work ethic, you can go far in this country and Dash of Clean is built the same way. The American Dream is alive and well in Santa Rosa and surrounding Sonoma County. Nobody champions this ethos more vigorously than the team of dedicated associates at Team Dash. Come and join our growing movement on either side of the fence.

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