5 Things You Hate to Do That You Should Do Even More Often

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5 Things You Hate to Do That You Should Do Even More Often 

There are tasks that we dread, so why in the world would we want to face them even more often than we absolutely have to? I put it to you that may be the dread is from the act of putting the task off.


The Fridge

What about that fridge? How often do you look into its cavernous depths, cleaner in hand, and think : “Oh no! Not today!” ? Here we are going to propose that once a week, on your trash day, for example, take ten minutes to open all of the unknown baggies and unknown tupperware. Give them a good sniff, decide which you need to dispose of, and throw them out in time for the garbage truck. Then, instead of turning away, grab some cleaner and a rag or paper towel and commence to wiping down the shelves and wiping out the drawers.


“But the congealed goo! The spills dripping down the back of the fridge! I just can’t face that  today!” If this is the case, you may need to take thirty minutes. Could you possibly apply the cleaner, maybe a foam type, and let it work through the goo for a few hours until you are able to work up your courage and come back? Then, instead of a waste of time, it may be productive. I have found that your chosen cleaner, some type of scrubbing eraser, and gloves to be very effective in a short time, being careful not to scratch any of your surfaces. Once you have taken care of the 3-month layer, a once-a-week wipe out should be sufficient, with every 3 months being when you take everything out and wipe walls and under things. It also helps to wipe up spills as they occur so they do not become baked on so to speak.


The Shower

Now, for the shower. have you found a product that you can apply perhaps every day to your shower so that cleaning at the end of the week is easier? Many times, these sprays make the bathroom smell nice, and perhaps can keep dirt from sticking to the surfaces as readily. This will be greatly appreciated by you or if you have a cleaner come into your home, the cleaner will find it easier in the bathroom and maybe be able to give attention to other items in the home. And then, although it is hard work, giving weekly attention to the tub or shower enclosure can save time in the end. Once again, being careful of your surfaces, gloves, a nice sudsy cleaner, and an eraser type sponge has been known to do the trick.


The Car

Let’s step outside for a moment and look at that car. “No, you say, not the car! Not every week! My kids my kids have destroyed my car, I can’t face it every week!”
This can be a good thing to plan around your garbage day as well.  Grab the kids and a garbage bag and begin, Then if you have some sort of Shop-Vac, a weekly vacuuming will keep your interior sparkling. Wipes with cleaner especially made for car Interiors are available and can cut the time needed for shining up that dashboard.


The Porch

Now before you go inside, keep that Shop-Vac plugged in, change it to blower and blow off your porch. It takes about 5 minutes and makes the home look so much more welcoming.


The Toaster & Microwave

Do you have a toaster or microwave? Wiping these out after each use can mean less work at the end of the week. There is usually a little tray for the toaster that can quickly be dumped into a nearby garbage can. Then a quick wet wipe with a sponge can remove any drips. The microwave can be wiped out quickly after any food items have been heated, giving your food time to cool to subsolar temperatures. Saving your mouth from a good scalding and keeping the microwave from getting caked on, tedious to remove foodstuffs.


Cleaning is a necessity of life.  Whether we use our own elbow grease or have the welcome help of a house cleaner, doing these tasks more often instead of less often will make less work in the end.

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