Dash of Clean

Meet the Owner

Diem Tran is a local entrepreneur who started her first businesses at age 25. Originally born in Vietnam, Diem has been a Sonoma County Resident since 1997. Striving for excellence even in her younger years, Diem graduated high school early. She attended college locally in order to help support her father who stopped working when she was 15 years old due to a work injury. She has earned a Specialized Paralegal Degree at Empire College and a Bachelors of Science at Sonoma State University majoring in Business Management and Human Resources.

Through college, Diem has worked for the largest residential cleaning company in the United States as a part time sales representative. As a part time employee, she led the west coast sales production surpassing her full time counterparts. Rising above the hardship of being an immigrant, born in a third world country and growing up in low income housing, Diem opened Simply Maid Home in 2011, a residential cleaning company. She hoped to fill a void in the cleaning industry- to provide 1.) fair pay and a pleasant work environment to the workers in this field as well as 2.) a consistent quality cleaning experience for clients that would not fade after a few cleanings.

After 4 successful years, Simply Maid Home employed almost 20 house cleaners with over 230 ongoing clients, paying the cleaners competitive wages and earned 98% customer satisfaction. Through this accomplishment, she discovered the strengths of the company were in customer service and account management. The company surprisingly had very little to do with quality management. The achievement with quality derived from hiring the right person to begin with. With that in mind, she wanted to make a shift that would highlight the strengths of the company and the cleaners separately.

Diem brainstormed for a business solution that was innovative to Sonoma County. She developed a hybrid business that would allow higher earning opportunities for house cleaning professionals and better savings potential for clients in need of a credible, qualified cleaner. Thus, Dash of Clean Referral Agency was opened for business in June 2015.

Diem hopes to continue her entrepreneurial footprint by creating new businesses that will continuously enhance and improve the experience of cleaners and clients alike. She believes that her business can prosper only when cleaners are happy with the work they do. Happy Cleaners = Happy Clients. That is the mission that stands behind all her endeavors.