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"By connecting moms who need relief with moms who need the work, we help families bond and prosper. Our range of services includes basic house cleaning, move-out cleaning, and move-in cleaning to cater to your specific needs."

Dash of Clean is unique to the house cleaning industry in the North Bay. We are one of the first local Referral Agencies to service as a match maker between a client and a house cleaning service in Santa Rosa, and Sonoma County as a whole. We offer maid service and home cleaning service providers from Healdsburg and Windsor down through Rohnert Park, Petaluma, and the surrounding areas. We take pride in being different, especially when being different means that you get quality, affordable home cleaning services, and your professional maid gets total job satisfaction!

Trusted House Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa for Your Family's Prosperity

We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. At Dash of Clean Referral Agency, all professional house cleaners are carefully vetted. We'll match the right person to care for your home and we offer replacement matches immediately for any reason. Feel confident in booking a house cleaning service in Santa Rosa with Dash.

We guarantee your housekeeper will always be:


Experienced & Professional


Background & Reference Checked

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Interviewed In Person

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Save Time

Take back your weekends! Work smarter, not harder and focus on what's really important. Life's too short to be doing domestic chores.

Safety First

Safety First

We rigorously vet each maid. We require all cleaners to have thorough background checks and in-person interviews before they are trusted in our client's homes.

Qualified Cleaners

Qualified Cleaners

Every professional house cleaner has a minimum of 2 years experience (5-7 years on average) and verified professional references.

Find Your Match

Find Your Match

Keep the same residential cleaning professional for each visit or try different cleaners to find your perfect match...all in one place.

Responsive Communication

Responsive Communication

Our client portal makes it easy to request new bookings, change your house cleaning schedule, change work order notes, view history, etc.

Easy Auto-Pay

Easy Auto-Pay

Credit card accepted at time of booking and charged after the job is complete. See your house cleaning prices clearly on emailed Invoice/Receipts.


 Lisa B

I have used Dash of Clean several times and they have always done a great job. At times I was asked before they left how the service was. It’s always nice to have a clean house done by others!

Tom from Santa Rosa Tom

I have been using Dash of Clean for a few years now. I am very satisfied with the service I have received and would highly recommend them. Diem who owns Dash is very professional and helpful.

Ryan Endorses Dash of Clean Ryan

I’ve used Dash of Clean many times for cleanings, and they always do amazing work. Highly recommended.                                                                                                               

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Santa Rosa’s Premier House Cleaning Referral Agency – Trusted Services for a Spotless Home!

Santa Rosan’s bask in almost perfect weather with a Mediterranean climate that’s ideal for winemaking just like its European counterparts. To add the icing on the cake, it is also home to the finest and most trusted home cleaning referral agency. 

Dash of Clean, house cleaning services santa rosa is a professionally run referral agency with a commitment to customer service excellence. We have countless numbers of satisfied customers and we never rest on our laurels by constantly striving to better even our own high standards. The house cleaning professionals we work with are all local and have an intimate knowledge of the Santa Rosa, Sonoma County area and suburbs like Oakmont, Rincon Valley, Fountain Grove, and Bennett Valley. They ensure the quality of the service provided is up to the standards of excellence that the residents expect and have become accustomed to. 

With so many of life’s perks on our doorstep, you want as much quality time to enjoy the pleasures of living in such a superb location. Why waste the opportunities available to you by taking up your time with household chores? Dash of Clean’s motto is “Go do something fun!” and we are there to help you do just that instead of the mundane day-to-day tasks that get in the way. Family, work, and life, in general, are important to all of us and are things we all need to do, but enlisting the help of the maids from a dedicated cleaning service will free up time to do the nice things in life. Dash of Clean is the only place where you can book house cleaning services in less than 60 seconds online while still working with a locally run company.


Dash of Clean’s reputation across Sonoma County means it has become the first port of call for customers requiring a high standard of service in all aspects of the process of keeping your home spotless. Our outlook on working together with our customers is to provide a high level of support for the maids so they are confident in their abilities, which transfers into a close working relationship with homeowners. As a consequence, we have nurtured a harmonious balance that exudes compassion, cooperation, and has the utmost respect for your home and property. 

To help you get a handle on the way we work, here are some highlights of our outlook and standards: 

  • All house cleaners interviewed in person 
  • Only experienced house cleaners matched with you 
  • Screened & vetted maids for security 
  • Fair rates for all, client & maids 
  • Book your cleaning session online in seconds 
  • Payments taken on our totally secure server 
  • Schedules booked to suit you 
  • Same cleaner each visit or request a new match 

So what are you waiting for? Book a first-class house cleaning service in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County today.

Home Cleaner Santa Rosa



If you head north from San Francisco and cross the Golden Gate Bridge and keep going along Route 101 you’ll come across beautiful Santa Rosa, the gateway to California’s wine region. People visit our fair city in their droves and it’s not just about the wine tasting, Santa Rosa has a rich history with many notable sons and daughters. It’s not the largest city in North California but what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm, evidence for this can be found in the population figures which have seen sharp rises year on year – once a Santa Rosan, always a Santa Rosan.

There are many building styles that can be found dotted around the city, Art Deco is quite prolific in larger municipal buildings and influences can be found in the housing stock too. Spanish Colonial and Mid-Century Modern homes nestle amongst turn of the century Shingle architecture and modern sustainable designs.

House cleaning in Oakmont,with the area dating back to the 60’s with bungalows and purpose-built cottages, is subtly different than providing maid services in Rincon Valley for example. Also, larger properties in areas like Bennett Valley present different challenges to the cleaner than rebuilds in fire-ravaged Fountain Grove.  

Dash of Clean is a company that has a long roster of house cleaners experienced with all the different ways diverse buildings need to be cared for and our professionals are always mindful to these needs. A house cleaning service in Santa Rosa, CA is not hard to find since it’s the largest city in the county. However, finding a cleaner who will stick around long term can be an issue. We screen cleaners for having years of experience in the industry, thereby reducing turnover expectancy. Discover the benefits of having the same house cleaner each visit in this article.

Best Cleaning Services in Santa Rosa, CA

Dash of Clean can help you take care of all your domestic chores leaving you time to get the most out of living in such a fantastic area. Don’t postpone the things you’ve always wanted to do for the sake of a touch of housework, get out there and sample the high-life and leave the daily grind to us. After you’ve set up your house cleaning service in Santa Rosa, you can explore all the things that our city has to offer. Why not go film set spotting? Many films have been filmed in the area like Die Hard 2, It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Peggy Sue Got Married, Cheaper By the Dozen and many more. Locations include high schools, the Main Library, airplane hangers, galleries and parks see if you can spot some for yourself.

Things to do in Santa Rosa, CA

Possibly one of our most famous exports is the work of Charles M Schulz, the writer and cartoonist behind the Peanuts comic strip. Schulz spent most of his working life in Sonoma County and there are plenty of landmarks, buildings and other signs to mark this fact. The Charles M Schulz Museum and Research Center is the most obvious first port of call with plenty to see and do around the central theme of Peanuts and Charlie Brown. Just across the road, Snoopy also has his own attraction at the Snoopy’s Home Ice at the Redwood Empire Ice Arena.

There are around 400 wineries in the area so don’t miss out on a trip to at least a few of those, several companies provide tours with transport laid on. Micro-breweries have also become popular in recent years so if wine isn’t your thing there’s always the beers.

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