Get Improved Results From the Same Maid

Same Cleaner Better Results

  1. Consistent Quality

    1. One of the benefits of working with Dash of Clean is having the same cleaner return each visit. Every cleaner has a slightly different cleaning style. By having the same cleaner, you can expect a more consistent cleaning experience. A repeat visiting cleaning professional will learn your layout and expectations, giving you the cleaning experience you expect and demand.
  2. Save Money 

    1. Vacuum Cleaning Under the BedsHaving the same housekeeper allows them to become familiar with your home and preferences. This enables your maid services to be completed in a shorter amount of time, saving you money and giving you more time to enjoy your freshly cleaned home. A maid that is new to a house will take time to envisage the layout of the building and the special areas that need attention in the individual rooms
  3. Build Trust

    1. Working with the same cleaning professional develops trust between the client and the cleaner. Building trust is an important part of maintaining a healthy service relationship. It benefits you and your cleaner by promoting open communication and a respectful work environment. When you trust each other, there are only positives to enjoy.
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