House Cleaning – 3 Ways to Make it Guilt Free.

3 Reasons to a Guilt Free Home Cleaning

  1. Prioritizing your values

    1. The only thing in life you can’t get more of is time. Would you rather have more time to live a fulfilling life….or would you rather have more time to do household chores? We often think about how hard we work for our money. So when it comes to spending it, it should be on something that is either essential or brings us joy and improves our quality of life. That’s why we work right? To live.
  2. Biweekly Cleaning = Cost of Daily Latte

    1. Did you know that the average biweekly service costs $5-8 per day? That’s the equivalent to a daily splurge whether it be a latte or your favorite pastry. The idea that house cleaning is a luxury that the average person can’t afford is a thing of the past. Biweekly cleanings can be as short as 2 hours every other week, as little as $70 per visit.
  3. How your dollar helps families bond and prosper

    1. When you choose Dash of Clean, you’re also supporting a community of hardworking women (and men). Dash of Clean is a unique agency that cleaning professionals gravitate to for 3 main reasons:
      1. Family.They decide their own schedules allowing them to also live a fulfilling life whether that means picking up their kids on time from school or making time to further their education.
      2. Their income is significantly higher as an independent professional working with an agency rather than an employee of a cleaning company, putting more dollars in your cleaner’s pocket.
      3. They have an agency connecting them with quality clients so they don’t have to do the customer service, billing or marketing. They can end their workday with the relief of knowing that those administrative tasks are all taken care of.
  4. You should feel good about choosing house cleaning because not only do you get to improve your quality of life at an affordable cost, you also get to help improve the lives of the professionals who perform the services for you.
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