How Your Maid Gets Paid & Why it Matters

How Your Maid Gets Paid & Why it Matters

    1. How your dollar helps families bond & prosper
      1. Supporting a business model that’s a win-win-win
        1. ”How Maids Get Paid & Why it Matters”

    Most cleaning companies pay cleaners an hourly wage of $17-$19 an hour, while charging clients $60-$75 per hour, or, they pay cleaners a percentage of the job. However, the salesperson is incentivized to close the deal, and may underbid the job to get a sale. Yet, The cleaner has to complete the job to satisfaction, earning a fixed percentage of the under bid job, and as a result is underpaid for their time and effort.

    Cleaners working with Dash of Clean Referral Agency earn a fixed MAJORITY percentage of each job and clients can book fixed rate or hourly jobs. This ensures that clients are only paying for the services they need and cleaners are fairly compensated for the work that they do. Because of our low overhead business model, cleaners earn a better income yet clients continue to enjoy affordable cleanings.

    At Dash of Clean Referral Agency our focus is to establish a win-win-win business model. Cleaners have the ability to earn a better income, decide their own schedule, and have control over their work. Clients get to enjoy affordable cleaning services with house cleaning professionals who have been screened and vetted. And our agency finds success by connecting mom’s who need relief with mom’s who need the work. We help families bond and prosper.

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